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Our project plan is to pitch the prototype of a publication: “CHΔNGE: helps you keep current.” We realized through our conversations that this would be a publication that we think people, especially MBAs, would want to read, like how the magazine Mindful is available for the abundance of Buddhists and yogis and the magazine Capital Ideas is available to showcase scholarly work from Chicago Booth faculty. We are researching the topic of change, conducting interviews and gathering statistics and examples of how uncomfortable people are with change and how much people want to know how to work better with it. A lot of our time will go into this research. We are also creating several examples of articles that we would want to see in CHΔNGE.

What we hope to get out of this project is feedback from the class about whether they would be interested in reading this publication and features that would be intriguing. If not, what topics or features could we include that would make it more interesting? More data? More stories? More interaction? More global? More room for debate? We have found ourselves emailing articles about this topic back and forth with classmates and colleagues over the years and we wonder what could come from a centralized location for discourse on this topic. Let us know your thoughts!


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